Lot 1

Due for release in 2022!

This wine will require patience because it is due for release in 2022!

The Welland vineyard is planted to 30 rows of Shiraz. Most of these vines are from the original 1923 plantings, however, over the years some vines didn’t survive the long, dry Barossa summers. As a result, we have replanted dead vines with cuttings taken from the old vines — giving us Shiraz with the same genetic makeup but significantly different in age. 

While fruit from the Welland vineyard makes its way into all of our Shiraz wines, the Lot 1 is ‘barrel selected’ from the old vine pick. Picking the block twice allows us to individually ferment the younger vine fruit and the older vine fruit.

A single barrel of Lot 1 was produced from the 2019 vintage and filled to locally-coopered AP John American oak. Our plan is to bottle in 2021.



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