Survivor vines, Barossa wines,

and a new beginning.

Welcome to Welland.

Welland is an enduring ‘survivor’ vineyard in a truly unique location that is enjoying a new lease on life.

In South Australia’s Barossa Valley, in the township of Nuriootpa is where you’ll find the Welland vineyard. Planted in 1923 by one of the Barossa’s founding families, Welland is the last remaining section of much larger plantings of vines and fruit orchards that once occupied the northern end of the township.

Over the years much of the original vineyard and orchard had been cleared, subdivided and built upon. But when the last remaining hectares of this historic old Nuriootpa vineyard were listed for sale as a development site, a group of friends banded together to purchase it and breathe life back into this important part of Barossa history.


A labour of love

With some vines dead, the trellis posts weathered and the wire rusted and broken, this old vineyard needed some love. To allow the vineyard to be resurrected successfully and to ensure its protection as a living part of Barossa history, the small, dark and flavour-filled Shiraz berries it produces each year needed a home. Not just any home but their own home — a wine brand that could capture and share what a unique site this is and what unbelievable wine could be produced from these tough old Shiraz vines.


Welland was born!

Today, Lot 1 Welland Road is home to this old vineyard and the Barossa is home to Welland. While the old Welland vineyard is the cornerstone of our brand, we also work with some of the Barossa’s best growers, taking their care and work in the vineyard to the bottle.


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